Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wee friends?

So your probably wondering why is the blog called Wee friends and why 2 e's.
Well i was in La and this girl at the pool (i forgot her name, sorry)was telling me that she really like's Icarly so i had an idea to make our own videos and i came up with the name wee friends.( She wanted to call it Icarly)
When i got home to Pacifica i talked to all my friends about it , they loved the idea.
So i got started . My Dad is a Web designer so i was going the ask him how to make a website but instead i just made this blog.(hehe)Now why does wee have 2 e's? well i wanted the name to be different and i wanted it to look weird. Well thats all for now,
Mackenzie Frost

Why Friends Rock